Bladderwrack for Metabolism Support


Guest post by Natural Healthy Concepts

Although many of us try to make time for weekly visits to the gym, a run or walk here and there, or maybe yoga, most of us have a 8-5 job that keeps us in a chair in front of a screen all day. In today’s work culture, the majority of jobs consist of staying stationary throughout the day, parked at a desk, without much physical activity.

Being less active can result in less energy, as well as a lower metabolism. Outside of our job it can be hard to have the time or energy to be as active as we need to maintain a healthy metabolism. On top of limited personal time, we are one of the most stressed and overworked generations to date. And guess what else can lead to a lower metabolism? You got it, stress!

So combine the stress of work, minimal personal time, and lower energy, and our metabolism begins to suffer as we mature. Luckily there is an herb that may not only help maintain and balance your metabolism daily, but also offers an array of other health benefits. This herb is called Bladderwrack.

What is Bladderwrack?

Bladderwrack is a brown seaweed that thrives in icy cold coastal waters. It is a part of the 124 species of plants in the kelp family. Kelp, including bladderwrack, lives together in “forests” and develop an ecosystem full of smaller sealife.  It has a leathery texture and air pods that keep it afloat, as well as long roots that keep it grounded on the ocean floor.

Bladderwrack is also made up of flavonoids that are antioxidants that protect cells from free radical damage, mucopolysaccharides that are chain sugar molecules that support joints and synovial fluids, and other trace minerals that are essential to maintaining your body’s optimal function. It contains large amounts of iodine, magnesium, and potassium. Although this marine plant has been around for centuries its many medicinal properties were not discovered until more recently.

How Bladderwrack Supports the Body

Bladderwrack is said to offer many potential benefits such as support for the immune system, thyroid gland, hormone balance, mineral levels, energy levels, and a healthy metabolism. Providing healthy energy and metabolic levels go hand in hand, making bladderwrack an ideal daily supplement for healthy weight management.

Bladderwrack’s ability to support a healthy metabolism is the result of the iodine content. Iodine is essential for hormone production in a healthy thyroid, which in turn help to regulate the body’s metabolic rate.  As your metabolic rate increases, food is more efficiently converted into energy, thus helping to increase vitality that can be used for exercise or getting through the day.

Bladderwrack has also been used for centuries as a weight loss supplement and is gaining quite the following, especially among women. Studies have shown that it provides support for healthy weight management, helps maintain resting energy rates, and supports focus and alertness without the side effects of a higher heart rate/ anxiety that can result from caffeine.

Add Bladderwrack to Your Daily Regimen

We could all use a natural and healthy way to boost metabolism and energy on a daily basis. Bladderwrack, being one of the few oceanic plants readily available to consumers today may be an ideal way to get optimal support for the body.


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Posted on March 19, 2018 .