"Miranda, I want to thank you so much for giving your presentation (Eating for Optimal Health) to our Sailors. Your information is very informative and helpful to anyone. I know that people, especially military don't always take the time to care for their own health through eating habits. We try to set healthy lifestyle in the Navy, but in this fast paced environment sometimes it can be hard to eat the right things. Your information on a healthy diet and what to look at on the labels of everything we put in our bodies was very helpful. I have heard so much talk from our sailors since your presentation on the awareness of the things they buy and eat now. We can still eat healthy when we are in a hurry and have a mission to complete. I know each and every sailor that saw your presentation got something out of it. I have seen a change in what they bring to eat every day and they are more conscious on what they are putting into their bodies. I can see the energy they have and also myself by avoiding the sugars that you taught us about, it is funny how we never realized what was really in some foods we consume. We definitely know now that "Sugar is Bad", and how to look for it in food that we eat. I would like to have you back again sometime if you are willing. If you ever need a reference for your presentation let us know, we would recommend it to anyone.  You set us on the right track and we are grateful. Very Respectfully, Master Chief Jon C. U.S. Navy"


Lunch & Learn -  $300/presentation. Have your employees bring their lunch as they learn about current nutrition information and simple ways they can start applying it at work and at home.

Health Fairs - $50/hour. Having a licensed nutritionist at your health fair can be a valuable addition to your health fair. You can choose what you want at yours -

  • "Swap This for That" demo

  • "Hidden Sugar in 'Healthy' Foods" demo

  • Your own unique request


  • Eating for Optimal Health - Counting calories and tracking food is out. Eating real food is in. During this basics class, you will learn a wealth of information. You will learn the number one thing you need to do to feel energized, sharp and happy throughout the day. You will also master reading food labels, uncover sneaky marketing tricks and discover how eating to keep your blood sugar stable all day will make you feel like a rockstar and prevent disease. Leave feeling empowered and ready clean out your cupboard!

  • The Big Fat Lie - Are fats good or are they bad? This class is all about fat: why we actually need it for optimal health and why we need to eat it to burn it. Right now you're probably doing your best, eating healthy by following the USDA guidelines. You may be eating margarine or vegetable oils instead of butter, eating plenty of grains and perhaps eating low-fat. You may also be specifically buying foods labeled "diet," "heart healthy," "whole grains," and "low calorie." Find out why good fat is actually good for us, why we shouldn't be scared of calories and how healthy fats can be the cornerstone of very healthy eating.

  • Eating Healthy on Business Trips - Business trips have plenty of perks like new travel destinations, but they also can have a common pitfall in terms of encouraging poor food choices -- from indulgent client dinners, all expense paid meals, unhealthy airport fare to the temptation of room service. All can quickly derail a healthy lifestyle. The good news is that it’s easier than you think to stay on track while you're on the go. Get ready to learn which foods to take with you through the airport to your destination, how to boil an egg in your hotel room and specific requests you can make at restaurants to stay in line with your health goals and be satiated!

  • Starting a Successful Exercise Routine - Did you hear, sitting is the new smoking?! It's no surprise that our society is very sedentary and that most people spend almost their entire day sitting down - from sleeping, driving, sitting at the office and in meetings, at the dinner table and lounging on the sofa. Lack of physical activity can lead to increased stress levels, poor food choices, more frequent illnesses and increased medical costs. In this seminar, discover why it's so hard to start exercising and it's not because you're lazy! Feel energized from learning specific psychological tools that you can use to power through mental barriers, break unwanted habits and develop new ones that you desire. Also uncover why setting goals in a specific format makes it easier to stay on track and have successful outcomes.

  • Be A Zen Master at the Office - At work, there are a lot of things that are out of our direct control. However, the good news is that there are a variety of factors still within our control to help us manage stress like a rockstar. Learn how you personally respond to stress and what action steps you can do now to help you thrive through work-related stress.

  • Happy Employees are Higher Performing Employees - Learn how happiness cultivated by your management team can create more productive, motivated and creative employees. All of this leads to more successful employees and bottom line results. Discover how to promote happiness in the workplace and how you can change your mindset towards the positive. With this seminar, reap the benefits of heightened team performance.

  • Beyond the Flu Shot: Boosting your Immune System Naturally - Is it cold and flu season? Besides the flu shot, there are a number of lifestyle techniques that can provide protection against illness and also that can shorten the duration and severity of colds and flus. Give your employees this information that they need to stay healthy and productive.

*The business must provide either PowerPoint presentation copies to employees or the technology to present the PowerPoint on screen.