American Dietary Guidelines are Not Supported by Sound Evidence

You may be shocked to find out that the USDA's dietary guidelines IE "MyPyramid" and most recently, "Choose MyPlate" have made Americans fatter and sicker. Their recommendations have little to do with current nutrition science and more to do with food industry preferences. I highly recommend watching this video to learn more:

Nina Teicholz looks at the lack of science supporting the dietary guidelines and the importance of why they need to change immediately.

Nina Teicholz is a New York Times bestselling investigative science journalist who has played a pivotal role in challenging the conventional wisdom on dietary fat. Her groundbreaking work, ‘The Big Fat Surprise’, which The Economist named as the #1 science book of 2014, has led to a profound rethinking on whether we have been wrong to think that fat, including saturated fat, causes disease.

Nina continues to explore the political, institutional, and industry forces that prevent better thinking on issues related to nutrition and science. She has been published in the New York Times, the New Yorker, the British Medical Journal, Gourmet, the Los Angeles Times and many other outlets.