Functional medicine-based nutrition is powerful nutrition-based care that is focused on finding the cause of a problem and correcting that, rather than just reducing symptoms while the health of the person continues to deteriorate. Multiple symptoms are clues to the ways in which your body is not functioning the way it should be. Rather than suppressing symptoms with medications, we can review those symptoms to understand which systems of your body need support to get back on track and get you healthy again. Each health plan at Thrive Nutrition is unique to each individual. We examine your whole picture -- diet, health history, symptoms, potential toxic exposure, lab work, how you view yourself, stress levels, close relationships, career satisfaction, physical activity level and spiritual awareness so that we are able to put together an overall food plan + coaching discussions that optimizes your health. Vibrant health is your birthright and chronic disease is not inevitable. Each person's health journey is different. Sometimes the best progress is made by overcoming important lifestyle or mental roadblocks before dietary changes are made.  At Thrive Nutrition each appointment will be like working with a nutritionist, health coach and life coach all at the same time. You will receive nutrition expertise, nonjudgmental support, clarity with specific goal setting and the flexibility to work on goals you are interested in achieving. MORE INFORMATION ON FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE AND CHRONIC DISEASE


If you suffer from gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, acid reflux, or other digestive problems, you don’t need us to tell you that your gut needs attention. But did you know that gut health is also a major factor in autoimmune diseases (e.g. Hashimoto’s, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis), depression, skin problems, low energy, hormone imbalance, and virtually every other modern, chronic health problem? 

This is why we pay close attention to the gut in every client. Gut infections, changes in the gut microbiome, and “leaky gut” contribute to inflammation and chronic illness and optimizing gut health is an emphasis in our practice.


Is just in its infancy! When most people think about eating healthy, they automatically visualize fruits and veggies. Have you ever thought: "If I eat 'right' I might feel a little better and then, maybe, just maybe, I might play my cards right and prevent a few diseases down the road?" Nutrition is much more powerful than that. Epigenetics is a relatively new field that is discovering that proper nutrition is not just a powerful preventative tool, it can reverse disease states as well.  As we learn more about the powerful way our diets influence our genetic expression towards health or disease, in the near future personalized medicine with the focus on nutrition will become the first line of therapy. 


Memberships are: Nutritionist expertise + Health coaching. A comprehensive approach with an individualized health program. Not only will you get specific nutrition recommendations based off of current research for your health condition(s), but you will also get the added benefit of coaching to help you achieve your health goals faster. Health coaching is your key to success as it literally bridges the gap between knowing what you want to be/should be doing and having yourself actually do it. Coaching sessions provide accountability, consistency, and ongoing support so that you get the long lasting results you've always wanted. You choose how you’d like to meet: phone, video conferencing or in person! See below for more membership information. *In some cases HSAs may cover the cost for appointments, supplements and lab work. For more information on that plus the current of exclusion for vegans and strict vegetarians, see the FAQS tab




  • 90-Minute Initial Consultation - Are you ready to have a health practitioner really get to know you as a person and not just your numbers? This comprehensive session gives us the time you deserve to review your Personal Health Assessment and thoroughly discuss what health goals are important to you this very moment. Based off of our conversation, we will determine the next steps that will get you towards the results you want. We will determine which one best fits your needs at the end of this appointment.

  • Personal Health Assessment - This expansive questionnaire is a full analysis of your current eating, exercise and sleep habits, your relationship with food, stress levels, potential sources of toxic exposure, digestive health and much more!

  • Medical Symptoms Questionnaire - Start off knowing exactly how your body is feeling based off of a numerical score. You will track your progress throughout your membership by completing the questionnaire again and discover how much better your body is feeling!

  • Ongoing Appointments - Each month, you’ll have 1 or ideally 2, 50-minute one-on-one appointments (you can also increase your appointment frequency with 25-minute appointments). Our ongoing sessions provide you with accountability, support, guidance and inspiration. There will be time to answer your burning questions, discuss your progress towards your health goals, help you develop a realistic plan to help you overcome current or future challenges and we can also use this time to go grocery shopping or clean out your kitchen!

  • Individualized Nutrient Recommendations + Access to Pharmaceutical-Grade Supplements + a Lifetime 15-20% Discount! - Did you know over-the-counter supplements use artificial and poorly absorbed forms of vitamins and minerals, have unnecessary colorants and fillers, contain GMOs and are not regulated by the FDA? Have confidence knowing you are getting the highest quality supplements by using Thrive Nutrition's online pharmaceutical-grade supplement dispensary: Fullscript. Pharmaceutical-grade supplements are third party tested for purity and potency. Their raw materials are tested for contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, environmental pollutants and suppliers undergo rigorous qualification procedures and audits. The supplements offer therapeutic levels of ingredients, have proper nutrient forms and ratios and are manufactured in temperature, humidity and dust-controlled rooms.

  • Lab Result Interpretations - Curious about your micronutrient, inflammation, heavy metal levels or wondering about your thyroid, heart or gut health? We do functional medicine based testing to help you live your healthiest life. We offer the most advanced testing at reasonable pricing and spend time reviewing your results with you. Learn more about all of the tests we offer.

  • Optional Grocery Shopping Tour - Learn how to make the most of your grocery shopping trip, whatever your needs may be! Common topics include: discover the tricks grocery stores and food brands use to get you to spend more, what you can do save money, learn how to decipher food labels and which ones you can trust, how to make the most of eating healthy and storage tricks to reduce food spoilage if you travel for work. Leave with a handout containing valuable information. 45 minutes - 1 hour

  • Food List & Recipes - Start each program with delicious food: each program (minus Healing Emotional Eating program) offers a complete food list and at least 2 weeks worth of recipes. You can pick and choose from recipes that please your palate.

  • Unlimited Email - Keep in touch whenever you need it via email for support and guidance




  • HEALTHIER EATING PROGRAM/FAT BURNING/WEIGHT LOSS - Either Membership Recommendation - Revs up metabolism & targets fat cells. Incorporate foods, timed eating and exercises that burn fat while building muscle. Supplement Recommendations: The Thrive Daily 5 + Fat Burning Supplements

  • WHOLE30 COACHING PROGRAM - 3 Month Membership Recommendation - Have you always been curious about trying the Whole30 challenge, but didn't think you could do it alone? Well now you don't have to! At Thrive Nutrition, we help you get prepared and organized, support you through the challenge (provide recipes, resources and cheer you on!), and at the end, assist with food reintroduction. The Whole30 is, at its heart, an elimination diet. Just a small amount of any of inflammatory foods could break the healing cycle; promoting cravings, messing with blood sugar, disrupting the integrity of your digestive tract, and (most important) firing up the immune system. Anyone can benefit from trying this!

  • THE AUTOIMMUNE SOLUTION PROGRAM - 5 Month Membership Recommendation - Tames inflammation, removes stressors and heals the gut which all trigger autoimmune disease. Strong emphasis on removing foods that are common intolerances and give you recipes with delicious foods that help the body heal autoimmune disease. Supplement Recommendations: The Thrive Daily 5 + Gut/Digestive Healing Support

  • RESOLVING GUT ISSUES PROGRAM - 5 Month Membership Recommendation - Stool testing to figure out what is irritating your digestive system. Removes stressors, reduces inflammation and specific dietary guidelines and supplements to heal the gut. Supplement Recommendations: The Thrive Daily 5 + Gut/Digestive Healing Support

  • INTRO TO HEALTHY EATING FOR FAMILIES PROGRAM - 3 Month Membership Recommendation - Everyone wants their family to be healthy, but it isn't always easy! We work with parents to learn what healthy eating looks like and how to get their kids excited and engaged with healthy food. We teach parents tips on how to plan and cook healthy meals, suggest kid-friendly snacks and how to make family dinners more fun. We also help parents explore potential food eliminations if members of the family are showing food sensitivities.

  • PRENATAL NUTRITION: FERTILITY + NOURISHED PREGNANCY PROGRAM - Either Membership Recommendation - Think of your pre-fertility year as an amazing opportunity to improve your overall health and well-being. Now is the time to focus on you, reset, identify and address underlying health issues and find your highest expression of balance. There is no better way to head into pregnancy than that. If you are pregnant, it's never too late to learn the foods to eat to best support your growing baby. This program provides supplement advice, special pregnancy foods, simple recipes, pregnancy/birth tips and helpful books to guide you have your best pregnancy!

  • HEALING EMOTIONAL EATING/FOOD FREEDOM PROGRAM - 3 Month Membership Recommendation - End the yo-yo dieting cycle forever! This program is for anyone who wants to identify and overcome their biggest obstacles with emotional eating. You will explore your unique connection to food, who you are as an eater and your specific triggers. You will learn how to be in control of the food you eat (instead of food controlling you) by learning how to fully enjoy your meals, cultivate relaxation, as well as develop confidence and self compassion around eating. Strengthening these healthy habits will help you let go of fears, guilt and old habits and liberate you out of the negative eating cycles and leave you feeling empowered. Supplement Recommendations: The Thrive Daily 5

  • NOT SEEING WHAT YOU NEED? Hey, no problem! We can come up with something you're looking for!


Healthy people spend an average of $125/month on supplements. A pantry clean-out will usually be a grocery trip investment of roughly $300. Those with autoimmune or gut disorders can expect to spend around $600-$900 on supplements (over 5 months) and $400-$800 on lab testing.*  

*Each client protocol is unique to their health and wellness status. HSA/FSAs can be used for supplements and testing.



  • HEALTH COACHING - We offer 3 Month Health Coaching Memberships. You start with a 45-minute phone appointment reviewing your Personal Health Assessment and then have up to 10 additional 25-minute check in calls tailored to your health goals. Payment options are 1 payment for $400 or 3 payments of $145.

  • ABILITY-TO-PAY COACHING/SLIDING-SCALE - I believe that progressive healthcare shouldn't only be limited to those that are financially blessed. Once or twice a month I will provide ability-to-pay based coaching for special situations. Use the Contact tab to explain yours and I will reach out to you if you are selected

  • LAB TESTING - $50-100 + cost of the lab test(s) - Thrive Nutrition provides state-of-the-art lab testing that assesses a spectrum of risk factors and biomarkers for optimum wellness. If you're not a client, but want to learn some things about what's going on inside your body, Thrive Nutrition will order the tests you're interested in and discuss your results in a 30-minute phone appointment.

  • 90 MINUTE INITIAL CONSULTATIONS - 90 minutes - $200 - Available in person or via phone or video conferencing. Includes reviewing your Personal Health Assessment.

  • NUTRITION COACHING APPOINTMENTS - 50 minutes - $100 - available in person or via phone or video conferencing. Appointments are discounted in the memberships (NOTE - these individual sessions are recommended for current or past clients. Coaching memberships are recommended first because coaching which is where all of the magic happens!)

  • CHECK-IN APPOINTMENTS - 25 minutes - $50 - Stay on track with convenient check-in calls. May be purchased individually according to your needs.

  • BLOG, NEWSLETTER + WEBINARS - Free! - See the Webinars Replay tab to watch past presentations! Check out the Blog tab to read interesting content or sign up for our Newsletter to be the first to receive blog articles, special promotions and discounts!up t