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Creating healthy habits in the workplace


Ahhh Monday. The worst kind of day. Nothing screams reality like the trudge back to work after a long fun weekend. No? GREAT!! I hope you don’t feel that way! Maybe some of you feel that Monday brings with it a long week of health obstacles, like the doughnuts that always seem to lurking in your breakroom. Not to worry! For the last We’ve listened to our clients over the last couple years and have heard their most common obstacles in the workplace, and have brought you tips on how to conquer those obstacles!

  1. Move more

    • Take a 10 min walking break every hour- research shows that prolonged sitting significantly impacts your cardiovascular and metabolic function.1 Some suggestions could be to exchange your desk for a standing or treadmill desk, or use a stability ball instead of a regular office chair.

  2. Pack your lunch AND snacks

    • Prevent that afternoon fatigue or that before dinner snacking by providing nourishment throughout the day. Listening to your body’s cues, like hunger, can reduce stress and increase focus on other activities.

  3. Drink lots of water

    • Drinking fluids is crucial to staying healthy and maintaining the function of every system in your body, including your heart, brain, and muscles, increasing energy and improving focus in the workplace. Fluids carry nutrients to your cells, flush bacteria from your bladder, and prevent constipation. Healthy people should get about 2 liters of water per day.2

  4. Have an accountability buddy

    • Having a support system increases the likelihood of success. Studies show that when people entered a weight loss program with friends or a support group, they lost more weight and kept the weight off longer than those who participated by themselves.3

  5. Get a good night’s rest

    • Sleep quality is important for neuroendocrine function and glucose metabolism, reduction of stress, prevention of obesity and can increase energy and focus for your day at the office. Sleep loss has been shown to result in metabolic and endocrine alterations, including decreased glucose tolerance, decreased insulin sensitivity, and increased hunger and appetite. 4


The most common fear we hear is that people will mess up their healthy habits by consuming those tasty treats from the office break room. First, we want to make it clear that because you eat a treat, does not mean you’ve messed up. When you feel guilty or punish yourself for consuming food you don’t normally consume, that creates stress on your body, impairs digestion and increases calorie absorption.  Chronic stress is one of the biggest influences to weight gain. Instead, allow yourself to indulge in moderation. This will leave you feeling more satisfied and leave you with a fuller metabolic breakdown and efficiently burning calories. At Thrive Nutrition we work with clients to conquer all obstacles in their lives to see the greatest success of their health goals. 

10 Snack Ideas to bring to work

  • Veggies + hummus
  • Apple + almond butter
  • Dried fruit + nuts
  • Whole fat yogurt + berries
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Cottage cheese
  • Dark chocolate
  • Lentil chips + salsa
  • Jerky